Here are our Perfect Packages for you mcProHost keep it basic with our packages. Our competitive prices do not compromise amazing service.


£2.99 /M Regularly £4.99 Sign Up
  • Recommended for 15 Players
  • Quick setup
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • You could be playing within minutes
  • Discounts on webhosting plans at
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • No contract Pay as you go services


£8.50 /M Regularly £10 Sign Up
  • Recommended for 50 Players
  • Quick setup
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Setup within minutes
  • 99.9% Service Up-time
  • No Contracts Pay as you go services.
  • Discounted Web hosting


£25 /M Regularly £50 Sign Up
  • Recommended for Unlimited Players
  • Quick setup
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Setup within minutes
  • 99.9% Service Up-time
  • No Contracts Pay as you go services.
  • Free Basic Web hosting INCLUDED

What makes our Minecraft hosting the Best?


We update all security updates to keep your server protected.

Account Isolation

Your server will be safe even if there are vulnerable accounts.

Optimized Software

All servers/software we install on our machines is optimized for speed.

Daily Backups

We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your Minecraft Server.

Unlimited Access

Have 24/7 access to your personal control panel

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and filter malicious traffic before it hits your server.

Server Level Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we develop & apply server-level fixes.

Free amazing Support

You can reach our team who will always be happy to help.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days.

how to build your server Online Today?

Create your own server with our Easy to use control panel
  • EASY TO USE - build your professional server simply.
  • Plugins! complete plugin support for all our packages.
  • FREE sub-domain, and 5 star support.
    Starting at Just £2.99 only.
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Why not contact us and we will do the work for you!
  • Contact us and we can help set up your server for you.
  • Here at McProHost we understand that you can be busy doing other stuff.
  • We will personally set up your server and ensure its running correctly.
    Starting at Just £2.99 only. - depending on setup there may a small setup fee. This service is not instant.
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Have Questions?

How do I cancel and delete my Server?

You can cancel or close your server and account at any time. To do so, login to McProHost  with your email/password combination. Your sites will be server on your dashboard. Click the “delete server” link to delete your server. If you are logging in with a username/password combination, then login, and click on the “Server Settings” link. You will find a delete account link at the bottom right of the Site Settings page.

Can I get my server listed in Mc Server Lists?

Certainly, once you create your server, you will gain your free sub-domain which will be used as an IP. With this you can do as you wish and advertise where you feel necessary.

We are here to make our customers happy.

get your Minecraft server online today

Over 100+ Free 1-Click Server plugins straight from your server control panel!

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